Arizona Newspapers Association Contest

Contest opens on May 1, 2024

Deadline for submitting entries is May 31, 2024
Late Fees Assessed until June 10, 2024



How do I create an Account?

Step 1 —

- Association code is 'Arizona24'. (case sensitive)

- Select the “Register” tab.

- Create your login profile and password. Previous year’s accounts and passwords are no longer valid.

You will then receive a confirmation email, which you need to complete the registration/login. After confirming the account you will be taken to the “Entries” page.

How do I upload PDF files?

Step 2 — Click on the “Add New Entry” link.

Step 3 — On this page, select your newspaper name. A lot of information will auto-fill. If that information is incorrect, please contact Lisa Simpson at Your Division will be selected for you based on your circulation. Fill in the preparer’s name.

Step 4 — Select the contest category. These are drop-down menus for your convenience. This field will clear each time you save an entry, so you must select a category for each new entry. When you select the category, special instructions will appear below it.

Step 5 — If necessary, or required, provide an explanation of your entry. The explanation/cutline box is limited to 3,000 characters. It’s a good idea to write your explanation in another program, such as Word, and copy/paste into the explanation box. If a URL is required, fill in the URL box; there is no need to type “http://.”

Step 6 — Include the name of the entry. If uploading full-page PDF files, it will be helpful if the entry name matches the headline on the page so the judges can find it easily. If the judges cannot tell what is to be judged, the entry will be discarded without refund.

Step 7 — Include the name of the person or people who should be credited for any award. This is generally the writer, reporter, photographer, graphic artist, cartoonist, etc. It is not necessarily the name of the person submitting the entry nor the person picking up the award at the convention.

Step 8 — Add your file or files. You can drag and drop files or use the “Add files” button to navigate your files. Generally, files should be in PDF format except photos, which should be in JPG format. Other files and URLs may be acceptable as noted in the special instructions. Upload as many files as are necessary to complete your entry but refer to the special instructions for any limitations.

Step 9 — When you have completed your submission, click the “Save” button. If you click the “Back to list” button, before you Save, you will lose the entry you just completed. After clicking “Save,” you will be automatically directed back to the list of your entries.

Step 10 — To submit another entry, click “Add New Entry.” As long as you have not logged out of the system, your newspaper name will still be in place and you can simply start at Step 6 again. You may log out and log back in later to continue adding entries. You will need to select your newspaper name each time you log in.

Step 11 — If you are done submitting entries, please review the list carefully. Make sure you have YOUR newspaper’s name selected, and not mistakenly a different paper’s name. You may not change an entry, but you may delete an entry and resubmit it.

How do I Login after logging out? After you have created an account you may log in at any time by using the login button at the top of this page.

How do I know what I’ve already uploaded? Each time you start at login, you will be taken to the “Entries” page, there you will see a list of your entries.

How do I make changes? Entries cannot be changed/modified once they are saved. However, there is a “Delete Selected” button on the “Entries” page. If you need to make changes/modify an entry - you will have to delete and resubmit it.

To ensure that all entries receive an opportunity to be judged, contest officials reserve the right to combine entries from varying divisions. Contest officials also reserve the right, without notice or refund, to disqualify any categories/divisions with insufficient entries.